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Mark Meadows, USA



Curriculum Vitae

Mark Stephen Meadows is an American artist and writer, living in Paris. He was most recently Creative Director for a venture of Stanford Research Institute and prior to that held the post of Artist-In-Residence at Xerox-PARC where he conducted research in reading, interactivity, and visual art.

He has co-founded two creative design agencies (Construct and dForm) where he headed the conception, design and implementation of 3D and virtual reality environments. He serves as an advisor and director to education and technology groups, and has been known to leap tall administrations in a single bound. He has been a professional writer, artist, and designer for over 14 years, creating works that defy traditional distinctions of "technology", "narrative" and "visual art." He teaches 3D animation and character design as well as lectures on narrative and electronic art.

His 3D animation and interactive design has impacted companies from Lucasfilm to Microsoft, and he has been exhibiting his mixed media artwork since 1987 in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Europe. Meadows' work has received awards from Ars Electronica, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and the National Information Infrastructure (NII) highest honors, among others.

personal data

Born Biloxi, Mississippi, USA, Sep 28, 1968. Fluent in English, able to confuse most French and spanish-speakers. Able to de-code attic and Homeric Greek, as well as Latin, Java, C++, and cocktail conversation. Founder and principal of Construct Internet Design, Blowtorch Communications. Forest Fire Fighter, Pike and Sierra National Forests (1989-1993), US National Track Cycling Team/USOTC (1986).

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Mark Meadows has recently completed his first book: "Pause & Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative" published by MacMillan/Pearson/NewRiders. The 240 pages look into interactive storytelling, its primary components, and feature interviews with developers from North America, South America, and Europe.

He is currently showing his artwork at Galerie Machine Simple in Paris.

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