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Constanze Bausch

Games People Play (Lecture and Exercises)

Module 2: Wednesday, July 17 th

Curriculum Vitae

Constanze Bausch is a researcher at the Free University of Berlin, working on media and rituals in youth culture and is currently preparing an empirical research project about game communities in the internet.
Before studying she worked for two years in French slums, setting up street libaries with families and kids who lived in caravans and knew much more about cars and poverty than about the official school culture of reading and writing. Marked by this experience she began putting up creative work-shops for kids in low-income neighborhoods in Berlin: street libery, theater and body work-shop for girls, videowork for schoolkids, as well as guided tours in the Berlin picture galery.
Working for a couple of months in an african democracy project in Cameroon, Africa, she lived with a Cameroonian family and experienced the enrichment as well as the unsecurity of encountering a different culture.
After university she concentrated more on the world of thinking about action and the body, writing her theses on the relationship of the body and media and the theater of media and gathered experience in the academic community.
Besides working she likes free climbing, meditation and kung fu.