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Raimo Lång

Interactive & Participatory Social Gaming in Mass Media (Lectures, Case Studies & Project Work)

Module 2: Friday, July 26th through Friday, August 2nd 2002 including Saturday, July 27th

Curriculum Vitae

Raimo Lang is a writer, developer and dramaturg/producer and lives in Helsinki. Currently he works as creative director for the internal program developement unit at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) and prior to that held a professorship on interactive media & communication at Media Lab, a new media department at University of Arts and Design Helsinki.
Raimo Lång has done research, professional concept developement and training on interactive media, particularly about interactive television and social narration since 1995. His projects include fact and fiction for interactive television and cross-media platforms and design contribution ranges from character generation and interaction design to communication strategies and patented narrative database systems for YLE. A new project involves integration of public journalism to television through new technologies & designs.
He is the responsible coordinator and workshop leader in EU-funded continued education for European television professionals. The training is co-produced by BBC, Hilversum Media Academy (Holland) and Media Lab at UIAH.
Raimo Lång has also written and directed thirteen fiction and documentary films for audiences in Finland and abroad. Human non-verbal communication and exploration of narrative structures are emphasized in his documentaries and dramas.
He restores an old farm house and builds wooden furniture among other analog activities.


Raimo Lang's recent developments include

"Suburb" and interactive role game for television

Current projects for YLE, first one being a thematically directed and moderated www-game on morale and latter a television studio show with remotely controlled technologies involved.


A minimalist night time interactive drama, where two real persons act like collective Tamagotchi. Database-operated narrative system was generating their evolution of psychological mind and audience was able to send mental impulses to Éira and Ari. This experimental i-tv production was broadcasted during the nights of one monts with aired program time of 134 hours.