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Simon Løvind

The New Media Project (Group Project)

Module 1: Friday, June 21st through Friday, June 28th 2002 including Saturday, June 21nd

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1969. Researcher, system developer, teacher, programmer, artist, production manager, whatever it takes to get the project done. Worked with CD-ROM games, art projects and research within the narrative perspectives of digital media. Has a special interest in Interactive Dramaturgy. Lives in Denmark, works in Sweden.
Simon Løvind is employed as a researcher in the Narrativity Studio at the Interactive Institute, Sweden, since March 2000. As a researcher he has been dealing with questions ranging from prototype development to social implications of digital technologies. He has specialized within the field of Interaction Design.
He has worked as a programmer, system developer, production manager and director within the area of interactive media. Studies at Aalborg University within Informatics. He has been employed for a number of years by DRIVE (the Danish Broadcasting Coorperations Department of Interactive Media), where he developed and produced programmes on Laser Disc and CD-ROM for cultural-historic issues/technical training, infomation systems and for TV and film applications.
Since 1996, he has participated in different prize-winning CD-ROM productions together with Deadline Multimedia, Copenhagen, first as a production manager on the large danish interactive fiction production called Blackout (launched in 1997), since then as part of the core team behind the CD-ROM series called CrossTown. He functioned as the production manager on the first title in the series called The Poison (Giftet - published in 1998), later as a director responsible for the second publication called The Angel (Ängeln - published in 1999).
Since 1995, he is also teaching at film- and design schools within the theoretical field of interactive dramaturgy and interaction design.
Simon Løvind has been a member of the editorial board of "van Gogh", a forum of sound- and conceptual art since 1997. He participated in "Training of trainers" meetings for teachers of new media every half year since 1997, arranged by EU's MEDIA and La FEMIS, a filmschool in Paris.


BlackOut - a combined novel and large CD-ROM game (1997, production manager)
van Gogh #3 - CD-ROM magazine for sound art (1997, editorial board + system developer)
Giften (the poison) - CD-ROM game in the CrossTown Series (1998, production manager)
Englen (the angel) - CD-ROM game in the CrossTown Series (1999, director)
van Gogh #4:Forg¾ngelighed - CD-ROM based art project (2000 editorial board + system developer + programmer)
PSST! - The Programmable Soundscape Toy, Audio-theater and Communicating Dolls.
Prototype development within the research project Narrative Toys (2000-2002)
"Skyd ikke, jeg t¾nker" (Don't shoot, I'm thinking) - published in "Fremtidens dramatik" (Future Drama, 2000)
van Gogh #5: Solgt - Art event at the Charlottenborgs Autumn Exhibition (2001)
Surveillance and Media Art - Research project