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Stephan Richter

Content Business (lecture and Case Studies)

Module 2: Monday, July 22nd through Tuesday, July 23rd 2002

Curriculum Vitae

Stephan Richter has decidedly influenced the German new media right from the very beginning. He helped launch the leading industry magazine SCREEN Multimedia (MACup-Verlag); participated in the foundation of the media professionals training institute Medienakademie Köln (Bertelsmann Stiftung); counselled the publishing house Verlagsgruppe Schöner Wohnen (GRUNER + JAHR), designed and managed the cd-rom productions for Verlagsgruppe Schöner Wohnen, Essen & Trinken and BRIGITTE Diät (GRUNER + JAHR), supervised the creation of client web sites of GRUNER + JAHR Electronic Media Service GmbH, and K + S Kundenzeitschriften and designed, produced and managed the web sites for GRUNER + JAHR Electronic Media Service GmbH, BRIGITTE Online, ELTERN Online, FLORA Online, FIREBALL AboShop and FIREBALL AstroGuide.
In 1999 he was recruited by TOMORROW Internet AG (now TOMORROW FOCUS AG) to build up their content syndication business, the largest on the German market today.
After 10 years work in large corporations, Stephan Richter is now an independent consultant for publishing houses, telecommunications companies, media production companies, dotcoms and other players in the content business.


Stephan Richter has recently launched a website for the hamburg media community.
The website is focussing on live events and community organization for the local media, computer and telecommunications industry.