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Michael Valeur

The New Media Project (Group Project)

Module 1: Friday, June 21st through Monday, June 24th 2002 including Saturday, June 21nd

Curriculum Vitae

He was born on July 6th 1961 in Copenhagen.
1979-90: During the eighties he was connected to the Danish punk scene. A considerable amount of time was dedicated to work with the musician Jesper Siberg.
Furthermore he played the leading part in the film "Totem" directed by Claus Bohm in 1985 and gained some additional experience with drama and theatre collaborating with the Avenue Theatre, a rather conventional theatre, as well as the more avant-gardistic groups of Dr. Dante and Clinic B. He furthermore participated in a series of performances at "Charlottenborg", an esteemed museum of modern art, worked together with the poet Dan Turell, played in a variety of bands, wrote for the Danish Public Service Radio and collaborated with the Bohemia Nostra in Prague.
1991-99: Michael Valeur continues his literary activities, but also ventures into the field of MultiMedia. In 1997 the multimedia production "Black out," released in collaboration with the company "Deadline Media", received the "Aarets Thor" (The Thor of the year the yearly award of Danish multimedia). Apart from serious fiction for adults he also writes for a lighter genre of multimedia: children's titles. His extensive work with multimedia is reflected in the recent debate on children, adolescents and computer-media featured in the anthology "Ungdom uddannelse og kultur" (Youth Education and Culture) 1999.
2000-01: Michael Valeur continues his occupation with computer fictions in different ways. He advises and lectures in organisations like "The Danish Public Service Radio and Television", "The Danish Film Institute", "The Academy of Dramaturgy" in Sweden and "La Fermis" under the French Film Institute in Paris.


music and poetry projects

"Moerkets splintrede oeje" (The shattered Eye of Darkness) 1982
"Det drejende punkt" (The turning Point) 1984
"Kaerlighed til kniven" (Love for the Knife)1985
"Ungdomsliv" (The Life of Youth) 1985
"Droemmens faner" (Banners of Dreams) 1985
"Digte, en genrebeskrivelse" (Poems, a Description of a Genre) 1988
"Nye eventyr" (New Adventures) 1995
"Ondskab, vold og lidenskab" (Evilness, Violence and Passion) 1998


"Midnatsfoeljeton" (Midnight Serial) 1989

short stories and novels

"Jessica, Lena, Martha - Tre fortaellinger" (Jessica, Lena, Martha - Three Tales) 1993
"Spion i Bellinis Kaelder" (Bellinis Big Bad Basement)


"Nornerne" (The Norns) 1989

multi media

"Black out" 1997
"Englen" (The angel) 1999
"Spoegelse med forkoelelse" (The Mad Magician) 1997
"Skeletter med kasketter" (The Doggone Dognapping) 1998
"Bellinis bikini" (Bellinis Bikini) 1999
"Ostekrigen paa maelkevejen" (The Cosmic Cheese Conspiracy) 2000
"Bagsaedestrisser" (Backseat Cop) 2000