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Curriculum Vitae

Jens Jacobsen started off as a biologist. But soon he realized that what he learned about science and systematic classification of microscopic algae can be better applied and combined with creative work in multimedia. He started developing games in 1996 as level designer and programmer. Soon he began writing concepts for edutainment CD-ROMs where he could combine his interest in science with his new abilities in multimedia.

Another focus of his is the work for museums and exhibitions. For example he developed a simulation game for the "Deutsche Bundesbank", the German Central Bank. In the 1997 newly built museum the visitor can play the role of the German Chancellor, the President of the Central Bank or of a negotiator for wages. His or her decisions influence the economic growth, employment, and inflation of and in the country.

Most recently, Jens Jacobsen has developed a simulation game for the "Deutsches Museum" in Munich. There two players can try to save the world from global warming-or flood the coastlines and enjoy their future life on Bavaria's' tropical beaches.

Jens claims he does some serious work, too. He is an information architect for websites (here the knowledge of biological classification comes in handy), usability tester and he creates concepts for e-learning appliances. Most of the concepts he writes he nurtures through production to completion as project manager.


Jens Jacobsen loves to write, so he cannot stop creating books. His bestseller is "Macromedia Director Kompendium" (publisher: Markt & Technik). The book is in the 5th edition and consists of 1000-pages. On this series he collaborated with Markus Eberl.

Apart from that, he has written books on Macromedia Flash and website development (both published by Addison-Wesley). Two other titles are currently in the making…

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